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9669Magnesium, RBC
91159Magnesium, Urine
91658Marijuana, Serum [Confirmation]
91281Maternal AFP [Only]
91011Maternal Quad Panel
93638Maternal Screen #1
93639Maternal Screen #2
74000Medication Management Expanded Urine Confirmation
74005Medication Management Expanded with TCA Urine Confirmation
91283Melanocyte Stimulation Hormone, Alpha (a-MSH)
74119Meperidine, Urine Confirmation
76029Mercury, Blood
76075Mercury, Urine Quant
76072Mercury, Urine Random
90078Metanephrines Fractionated, Urine
91144Metanephrines, Plasma
93540Methadone and Metabolite, (Confirmation) Serum or Plasma
74200Methadone, Urine Confirmation
3163Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Screen by PCR
3160Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus / Methicillin Susceptible Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA/MSSA) Screen by PCR
91165Methylmalonic Acid, Serum or Plasma
93650Methylmalonic Acid, Urine
74210Methylphenidate, Urine Confirmation
90090Mexiletine, Serum or Plasma
1945Microalbumin / Creatinine, 24 Hour
1113Microalbumin, Urine (Random)
4037Microsporidia Stain
2333Mitochondrial Antibody
74042Mitragynine, Urine Confirmation
14235MMR + VZV Immune Status
14031MMR Immune Status
95117Monoclonal Protein Study, 24 hour, Urine
95150Monoclonal Protein, Serum
2335Mononucleosis Screen
2461MPO/PR3 (ANCA) Antibodies
94235MTHFR 2 Variants
2699MTHFR Mutation
90204Mullerian Antibody
2677Mumps Antibody, IgG
91168Mumps Virus Antibody, IgM
3165Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex and Rifampin Resistance by PCR
90040Mycophenolic Acid and Metabolites
5140Mycoplasma genitalium rRNA, TMA (NAAT)
91169Mycoplasma pneumoniae Antibodies, IgG/IgM
91508Mycoplasma pneumoniae by PCR
91566Myelin Associated Glycoprotein Ab, IgM
93625Myelin Basic Protein, CSF
91330Myoglobin, Urine Quantitative

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