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PSA, Ultrasensitive Total and Free

  • One SST

Also Acceptable:
  • One Green Top (Li Heparin)
  • One Red Top
  • 1 mL (Min:0.5 mL) Serum . Submit Refrigerated. Submit in a Standard Transport Tube.

Also Acceptable:
  • 1 mL (Min:0.5 mL) Plasma . Submit Refrigerated. Submit in a Standard Transport Tube.
Special Handling:
  • Allow specimen to clot completely at room temperature
  • Avoid Repeated Freeze/Thaw Cycles
  • Minimize air exposure
  • Separate from cells ASAP
  • For patients receiving therapy with high biotin doses (>5 mg/day), no laboratory test specimen should be collected until at least 8 hours after the last biotin administration.
    Ultrasensitive portion is equivalent to Total PSA, Results below 1.0 ng/mL will report out to the thousandths decimal place.
Rejection Criteria:
  • Grossly Hemolyzed Samples
Stability:Ambient: 8 Hour(s); Refrigerated: 5 Day(s); Frozen: 3 Month(s); Incubated: Unacceptable
  • Electrochemiluminescence Immunoassay (ECLIA)
Reported:1-3 Day(s)
CPT Codes:
  • 84153
  • 84154
Interpretive Data:Please see report for interpretive data.
The Roche PSA electrochemiluminescent immunoassay is the test methodology used. Results obtained with different assay methods or kits cannot be used interchangeably. The Roche PSA method is approved for use as an aid in the detection of prostate cancer when used in conjunction with a digital rectal exam in men age 50 and older. The Roche PSA is also indicated for the serial measurement of PSA to aid in the management of cancer patients. Elevated concentrations of PSA in serum are generally indicative of a pathologic condition of the prostate (prostatitis, benign hyperplasia or carcinoma).

Probability of finding prostate cancer on needle biopsy by age in years

Age in Years
% fPSA ratio 50-59 60-69 >69
<11 49.2 % 57.5 % 64.5 %
11-18 26.9 % 33.9 % 40.8 %
19-25 18.3 % 23.9 % 29.7 %
> 25 9.1 % 12.2 % 15.8 %

Biotin in specimens taken from patients on high-dose biotin therapy or supplements may intefere with at least one test in this panel and cause inaccurate test results. It is recommended that forpatients receiving therapy with high biotin doses (> 5 mg/day), no laboratory test specimen should be taken until at least 8 hoursafter the last biotin administration.
  • 2147 - PSA, ULTRASENS
  • 2247 - FREE PSA
  • 2248 - % FREE PSA
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