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Tapentadol, Urine Confirmation

  • Random Urine in Sterile Specimen Container
  • 10 mL (Min:3 mL) Random Urine . Submit Refrigerated.
Special Handling:
  • Avoid Repeated Freeze/Thaw Cycles
Rejection Criteria:
  • Urine stabilized with additives or preservatives
Stability:Ambient: 1 Week(s); Refrigerated: 1 Month(s); Frozen: 24 Month(s); Incubated: Unacceptable
  • Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
Reported:1-6 Day(s)
CPT Codes:
  • 80372
Interpretive Data:Please see report for interpretive data.

Values listed in the reference/normal range indicate a laboratory reporting cutoff.

Result below the cutoff value (negative) may indicate non-use, poor timing of specimen collection, poor absorption, specimen dilution, specimen adulteration, or testing limitation. Quantitative results are reported only when equal to or above cutoff value.

For medical purpose only. Methodology: Quantitative Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry. Test developed and validated by Interpath Laboratory. Questions can be directed to laboratory.
  • 74122 - TAPENTADOL
  • 74123 - TAPENTADOL-S
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