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2320C-Reactive Protein
2560C-Reactive Protein, Highly Sensitive
91035C1 Esterase Inhibitor Panel
91034C1 Esterase Inhibitor, Functional
90163C1-Esterase Inhibitor
2278CA 125
2629CA 15-3
5019CA 19-9
91043CA 27.29
91037Cadmium Exposure Panel - OSHA
76023Cadmium, Blood
76030Cadmium, Urine Quant
76031Cadmium, Urine Random
91042Calcium, Ionized
1122Calcium, Random [Urine]
1016Calcium, Serum or Plasma
1106Calcium, Urine Quant
1155Calcium/Creatinine, Urine Quant
1187Calprotectin, Fecal
92067Candida Antibodies IgA, IgG, and IgM
74017Cannabinoids, Urine Confirmation
1025Carbon Dioxide
95028Carboxyhemoglobin Quantitation, Whole Blood
93657Carcinogenic HPV
2610Cardiac Panel (STAT)
2640Cardiolipin Antibodies, IgG / IgM
2756Cardiovascular Disease Risk Panel
2757Cardiovascular Disease Risk Panel + Apolipoprotein B
2767Cardiovascular Disease Risk Panel + hs-CRP
2759Cardiovascular Disease Risk Panel + NMR, Lipoprofile
74090Carisoprodol, Urine Confirmation
91047Carnitine, Free and Total
91048Carotene, Serum Total
91242Catecholamines, Plasma
91049Catecholamines, Urine
3002CBC with ANC
3005CBC without Differential
91050CD4 Panel
91520CD4/CD8 Panel
3760Cell Count & Differential, Body Fluid
3615Cell Count & Differential, CSF
3715Cell Count & Differential, Synovial Fluid
2331Centromere Antibody
3600Cerebrospinal Fluid Panel
90214CF Mutation
91052Chlamydia Antibody Panel, IgG
91246Chlamydia Antibody Panel, IgM
1131Chlamydia Aptima
91491Chlamydia trachomatis Culture
1123Chloride, Random [Urine]
1024Chloride, Serum or Plasma
1107Chloride, Urine Quant
1081Cholesterol, Body Fluid
91412Cholinesterase Group
91055Cholinesterase, RBC/Hb Ratio
76047Chromium, Serum
91300Chromium, Urine
91057Chromogranin A
90239Chromosome Analysis,Constitutional Peripheral Blood
91058Chromosome, Amniotic Fluid
91036Circulating Immune Complex, C1q Binding
91060Citrate Acid, Serum
91061Citric Acid, Urine
1979CK + CKMB
91062Clomipramine + Metabolite
3168Clostridium Difficile Antigen and Toxin B gene by PCR
3169Clostridium Difficile Antigen and Toxin B gene by PCR with Reflex to EIA
90194Clozapine and Metabolites, Serum or Plasma, Quantitative
1428Coagulation Panel
94093Cobalt, Serum or Plasma
90008Cobalt, Whole Blood
91659Cocaine, Serum [Confirmation]
74062Cocaine, Urine Confirmation
91065Coccidioides Antibodies, IgG & IgM
74100Codeine + Morphine, Urine Confirmation
90076Coenzyme Q10, Total
91067Complement Component 2
2356Complement Component 3
2357Complement Component 4
91068Complement Component 5
91066Complement, Total
1943Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
3820Coombs, Direct (Anti-Human Globulin)
3838Coombs, Indirect Auto (Anti-Human Globulin)
76049Copper, Serum or Plasma
91070Copper, Urine
2073Cortisol (AM)
2081Cortisol (PM)
2724Cortisol, Random
91359Cortisol, Saliva
91071Cortisol, Urinary Free
1498Cosyntropin Panel
90129Coxiella burnetii (Q-Fever) Antibodies, IgG and IgM, Phase I and II with Reflex to Titer
93559Coxsackie A9 Virus Antibodies
93560Coxsackie B Virus Antibodies
1015Creatine Kinase
95110Creatine Kinase Isoenzymes
1100Creatinine Clearance
1080Creatinine with GFR
2498Creatinine, Urine (Random)
1101Creatinine, Urine Quant
91073Cryptococcus Antigen
4684Cryptosporidium Antigen
4608Cryptosporidium, Acid-Fast Bacillus
3710Crystals, Body Fluid
3703Crystals, Synovial Fluid
90162CU Index
4405Culture - Fungus, Blood
4410Culture - Fungus, Other Sources
4404Culture - Fungus, Skin
4050Culture, Aerobic / Anaerobic
4007Culture, Aerobic Identification
4006Culture, Aerobic without Gram Stain
4030Culture, Aerobic [w/ Gram Stain]
91350Culture, AFB [Blood, Bone Marrow]
4204Culture, AFB [Non-Blood / Bone Marrow]
4009Culture, Anaerobic Identification
4040Culture, Blood
4062Culture, Campylobacter
91326Culture, Cytomegalovirus
4072Culture, Environmental
4402Culture, Fungus - ID
4032Culture, Genital
4038Culture, Genital Anaerobic/Aerobic
4045Culture, Sputum
4012Culture, Strep
4020Culture, Urine
90057Culture, Viral (Non-Respiratory)
90058Culture, Viral (Respiratory)
2939Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide 3 Antibody, IgG (CCP3)
74022Cyclobenzaprine, Urine Confirmation
91074Cyclosporine A
90007Cystatin C w/Reflex to Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate
2381Cytomegalovirus Antibodies, IgG / IgM
2382Cytomegalovirus Antibody, IgG
2383Cytomegalovirus Antibody, IgM
91495Cytomegalovirus by Quantitative NAAT, Plasma

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