Laboratory Test Detail

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  • One SST

Also Acceptable:
  • One PPT White Top (EDTA)
  • 1 mL (Min:0.5 mL) Serum . Submit Frozen.

Also Acceptable:
  • 1 mL (Min:0.5 mL) Plasma . Submit Frozen.
Special Handling:
  • Separate from cells within 2 hours of collection
Stability:Ambient: 1 Day(s); Refrigerated: 2 Day(s); Frozen: 3 Month(s); Incubated: Unacceptable
  • Electrochemiluminescence Immunoassay (ECLIA)
Reported:1-2 Day(s)
CPT Codes:
  • 84145
Interpretive Data:General Reference Range : 0.02-0.08 ng/mL

Procalcitonin Interpretation:
<0.5 ng/mL - Associated with low risk for progression to severe sepsis on the first day of ICU admission. This does not exclude an infection, especially with localized infections without systemic signs that could be associated with such low concentrations or in cases of initial stages of infection (<6hrs).
2.0 ng/mL - Associated with a high risk for progression to severe sepsis and/or septic shock.

Biotin in specimens taken from patients on high-dose biotin therapy or supplements may intefere with this test and cause inaccurate test results. It is recommended that for patients receiving therapy with high biotin doses (> 5 mg/day), no laboratory test specimen should be collected until at least 8 hours after the last biotin administration.
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