Physicians are required to manage chronic pain in a safe and effective manner. Pain medications have a legitimate and important role in the treatment for patients who suffer chronic pain, yet the use and abuse of prescription medications is a growing problem throughout the United States. An accurate determination of a patient’s medication intake is critical to patient safety. Interpath offers the provider the confidence and reliability  needed to ensure successful pain medication monitoring.

Pain Management testing includes drug screen and toxicology tests for use in clinical settings where accidental or intentional overdose of medications, illicit drugs or toxins is involved. The service includes screening procedures for a wide variety of drugs and drug classes, and for specific quantitative analyses of individual drugs or toxins; however, drug testing strategies and test methods are not well standardized, adding challenges to the selection of the right test and to the interpretation of test results.

These clinical testing services are not intended for legal, employment or forensic purposes; chain of custody procedures are not used. For certain clinical or chemical-dependency treatment patients, confirmation testing may not be indicated or routinely performed. Please call our Client Services Department to make arrangements for such testing.